Bakhoor Kasturi Kijang Ruqiyah

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Bakhoor Kasturi Kijang Ruqiyah 

Bakhoor Deer Musk is produced by 100% Pure Deer Buntat extract. The use of daily fragrances or efforts to overcome the problem of disturbances of spirits, jinn, magic, Santau, saka & hysteria.

Features of Caliph Deer Musk
- Produced from natural deer musk tail extract
- With the blessing of reading 30 Juzuk, Ruqyah & Doa.
- Concentrated essence, without alcohol, high quality & durable.
- Can be used during prayer & Halal.

Benefits of Pure Deer Musk
- Overcome jinn, witchcraft, Santau & perennial disturbances
- Overcoming hysteria
- Wake up the unconscious person
- Soothes the soul
- Eliminates nervousness
- Eliminate fear and anxiety
- Eliminates heart palpitations
- Enlighten the mind